About Us

A small saddle company was established in 1999 in a small workshop with lots of passion and today has become one of the fastest growing equestrian brands. We design, create and sell exclusively online with hundreds of satisfied customers per year.

JCM Saddles are designed & created to the highest US standards in Greenville, Texas using either Hermann Oak hides for our US saddle lineup or top quality imported Brazilian or mystery cowhides for our Economy lineup. Regardless of the price point, you will always get value for your money, we guarantee it.

The main reason for buying a JCM saddle is a proven track record of building strong, well made, & good looking, solid products backed by an excellent customer service, we stand behind our saddles, and offer a impressive 5 year, 10 year or a lifetime warranty on all our trees.

We look forward to serving your needs, so buy/bid with confidence.

We have a generous 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, all we ask is to give our saddles a fair chance, to look them over and discover why so many people love them, & let the saddle decide if it’s for you.

Thank you,


We now have available ‘Bespoke’ Trees for English saddles, Made in France, contact us for more information.