JCM Saddle Quality

At JCM Saddle Co we make saddles the right way,  without any shortcuts or rushed mass production. “Saddle-making is a craft. It is a pre-industrial age craft. “When it becomes an industry it is open to misuse. In industry, the end is profit. In a craft, the livelihood is important, but the end is the craft. You practice the craft as it ought to be practiced. You do not make a profit at the expense of the craft.” I blame much of what is wrong today on industrialization. “In making things, whatever product you make, there are ways to reduce costs, which means weaknesses that are not easily detected, or that are invisible in the product, that will reveal themselves in 5, 10, 20 years.”

When well done, [a saddle] is like a piece art. It should play on you and should give you a feeling of satisfaction. Every time you look at it, there should be something new happening to you as you gaze at it.” Only a craftsman can achieve this. “You see, anything that is aesthetic, for it to be able to provoke and talk to you for a long time, for 20 years, it needs months into the designing. If we put in two days, it will talk to you for just two months.