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Smokie’s eval of the new light weight composite Wade.


John Hyde power pulls a skier attached to a JC Martin saddle. Mr Hyde has 19 saddles in his collection, and he tells us that the JCM is his favorite.

Seth & his wife sent us these nice videos after evaluating the light weight composite tree Trail saddle, obviously it was not made for roping or pulling, but gives us an idea how strong it is. They will last forever on trail rides.

Smokies student takes a JCM for a spin

Walk around by Mr. Brannaman of our improved wade for shorter legged people.

We recently asked one of our customers to field test the Ultra Light weight composite Tree by putting it thru their roping routine to see how good the tree would hold up, this video was made after several roping events plus the horse fell on the saddle, as explained by our customer, nice enough to do this for us. As he explains, it held up pretty well. Keep in mind the entire saddle weighs 26 lbs…..Watch.

Why you need a wide saddle fit 


Recently we were happy to have one of our saddle’s checked out by Mr. Smokie Brannaman of Horsemans Services limited, his website can be found here at https://www.smokiebrannaman.com/






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