Ultra Light Orthopedic “Assist” Trees

Looking for a lighter weight saddle.

JC Martin has developed a smarter alternative, the Orthopedic Assist Tree.

Made of durable, strong and waterproof composite resin, these tree’s are just as strong as a traditional solid wooden tree’s but without the extra weight.

The shell is reinforced with wooden inserts for superior rigging strength. lb for lb this is stronger than a wooden tree.

A saddle built with a solid wood tree is comparable to a Model -T which used to be made with wooden frames, wheels or a boat made of wood vs the latest space age composite yachts, that are lighter & stronger and stand up to the elements far superior with less maintenance or care.

There is a common misconception that the best saddles are made with wooden trees, the cowboys of old used to constantly search for new materials to improve their saddles. We have evolved the western saddle to use lighter better composite materials on our trees.

These have been received very well by our customers with rave reviews, possibly one of the best developments in the saddlery industry in decades. This silent revolution took us over a decade to master, actually two decades. No one else has these trees, they are patented, trademarked and copyrighted and only available thru us.

Trail rated up to 10 years.

Roping rated for 5 years

Question:  You guys claim they are just as strong as wood trees just lighter? So how will they hold up to roping, I rope calves all the way up to bulls needs to know if there’s a chance of them breaking on me compared to the wood ones.

Answer: lb for lb they are stronger than wood, and will hold up fine for roping, there is a 5 year warranty on the tree. The overall strength of the composite tree is about 90% of what a wooden tree is, but with a significant reduction in weight. These were developed for people looking for a light weight saddle without losing functionality. People still want to rope, or trail ride but do not like the heavy weight, smaller people, elderly, riders with injuries, etc

Look at this as an alternative not a substitute for a wooden tree, if you rope for a living, you should keep this in mind.