Ultra Light Orthopedic “Assist” Trees

Made of a custom resin composite shell with wooden inserts for superior rigging strength, these Ultra Light weight trees were developed and designed for Trail riding etc but we have tested them by roping and the latest and very interesting “stress tests” by Mr. Smokie Brannaman of “The Horseman’s Services Ltd”, Thank you Smokie… really enjoyed, we are going to take it apart, study it and re-enforce some more, but even as is, would be more than enough for non roping use.

Take a look

500 lb dead drop from approx 6 to 7 feet height.
More weight than any rider would place on the tree, but we plan to strengthen it more.

For riders with a shoulder injury, or who plain find a standard wooden tree saddle too heavy to handle.

JC Martin has developed a smarter alternative, the Orthopedic Assist Tree (Trademark and Patent pending).

Light weight does not mean weak. This composite fiber tree is just as strong as a traditional solid wooden tree but without the extra weight.

A 5 year warranty is standard on these trees for your peace of mind, and are available in Wade, Barrel, Trail and Old timer.